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Tonyu Nabe (Soy Milk) Hot Pot

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When both feelings and the weather are dim and bleary, a delicious and steaming soy hotpot littered with thinly sliced meat, tofu, seafood and vegetables can save the day!

Top it all off with this pair of essentials and you’re on your way to feasting bliss! This wonderfully delicious soy milk based broth makes a creamy and delicious hotpot session possible.

For an epic dining experience for families on the go, never untie your grasp on this awesome duo! Purchase this set at once!

KKM Yosenabe Soup 12/250ml
JB Udon 800g

Our favourite recipe:

50ml of Kikkoman Yosenabe Soup
250ml of Water
200ml of Soy milk
¼ Bok Choy Chinese cabbage
2 stalks of Leeks
1 pack of Enoki mushrooms
6 pieces of Shiitake mushrooms
4 pieces of Fried Tofu, drained and ready to use
100 g Garland chrysanthemum (Tang Oh)
1 piece of Pressed Tofu
Carrots for garnishing
1 piece of Daikon radish (Cut into 5 cm length)
250 to 300g of Chicken Thigh (1 piece)

Instructions (Cooking time: 20 minutes)

1) Using kitchen paper, remove any excess oil from the fried tofu and then cut it into bite-sized pieces.

2) Cut the leeks into 1 cm slices and the other vegetables into bite-sized pieces.

3) Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces, then cut the tofu into 8 equal pieces.

4) Put the Kikkoman Yosenabe Soup, the Soy milk and the water in a pot, add the meat, daikon radish and fried tofu, bring to a simmer and add the vegetables.

5) Add the garland chrysanthemum (Tung oh vegetable) just before it is serving. When the ingredients are cooked, it is ready.