Delivery Policy

Delivery Time Estimates

5-10 Business Days. If packages exceed 12 days and have not yet been received, Customers can claim a refund or replacement. 

Delivery Time Disclaimers

The refund policy may be nullified or extended due to random events such as adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, pandemics, political unrest, or postal worker labor disputes that may impact various delivery locations.

Order Modification Policy

Change and Cancellation requests are only allowed within 24 hours from the time that the order was placed. After 24 hours have elapsed, no order modifications are allowed. 

 If a customer needs to change an order within the 24-hour allowable time frame, Zutto will be able to assist with the following scenarios:

  • Removing items from an order
  • Change of shipping address
  • Change of email address
  • Change of customer’s name



 Wrong Product Shipped/Missing Items

If we ship the wrong product, send us a photo showing the received product(s) and we will replace or refund any such items at no additional cost. If there are missing items in an order please tell us the items that are missing and we will send the missing item provided that the shipping label is still intact.

Package Returned To Sender - Correct Address

If a package is returned to sender by the shipping courier given the address is validated, Zutto will reship the package for free after an address verification is completed.

House number, Building Number, Room number or Unit number whenever and wherever best applied should be included in the Shipping Information.  

Package Returned To Sender – Wrong Address

If a package is returned to sender due to wrong Address Information, Zutto will not be held liable and compensation will not be granted by any form. Customer should take the responsibility over this matter as we allow an Order Modification within 24 Hours.

Package Returned To Sender –  Delivery Attempts Failed.

All missed delivery attempt orders that got returned to Sender who received notification from Zutto or from the carrier to contact them for a delivery arrangement will only be compensated with 50% Refund Credit. The customer should also take the responsibility of making follow-ups for the delivery progress.

Lost Order – Wrong Address

Zutto will not refund nor assume liability for orders that are lost due to incorrect Shipping Address.

Refund / Replacement Term Limits

Refund and Replacement claims will only be accepted within 5 days after the received date of the package.

Term Limits

Once 15 days have elapsed from the receipt of goods, refunds or exchanges will no longer be accepted.