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Elevate Ramen with Yawataya Ramen Shichimi Spice Blend!

Yawataya Ramen Shichimi is a premium Japanese spice blend designed for ramen perfection. Crafted with precision, it harmonizes black and white pepper to enhance flavours and add a hint of warmth.

Essential Ingredients: This blend features chili pepper, sesame seeds, Sichuan pepper, dried orange peel, ginger, and nori seaweed—a symphony of tastes that captures authentic Japanese essence.

Tailored for Ramen: Yawataya Ramen Shichimi perfectly complements rich broth and noodles. Sprinkle before serving for a visually appealing, spicy kick.

Versatile Delight: Beyond ramen, use it to elevate grilled meats, rice bowls, and stir-fries—unleash its magic on various dishes.

Experience Excellence: From Japan's renowned brand, Yawataya, this blend promises top-notch quality and flavor enhancement.

Unlock culinary artistry with Yawataya Ramen Shichimi