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Udon Bundle

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Limited-Time Offer: Restaurant Style Udon Soup Bundle

Experience Authentic Japanese Cuisine with our restaurant quality Oigatsuo Udon Bundle!

Enough soup base for 50 servings of hot Udon noodle soup

Savour the rich flavours of Japan with our premium Udon noodle and soup base, perfect for creating a variety of delicious dishes at home.

How to use Oigatsuo Soup Base:

Japanese Hot Noodle 1:8 ( MIZKAN SOUP: WATER)
Japanese Cold Noodle 1:3 
Dipping Sauce Tempura 1:5 
Japanese Bowl Dish 1:6
Japanese Hot Pot 1:10 

Why Choose Our Udon Soup Bundle?

  1. Premium quality: Made with the finest ingredients, our Udon noodles and high quality soup base delivers an authentic restaurant quality taste of Japan to your table.
  2. Versatile ingredients: Ideal for a wide range of Japanese dishes, from hot or cold noodles and soups to dipping sauces.
  3. Easy to prepare: Super simple, just cook the noodles in boiling water (12 minutes) and dilute the soup base with cold or hot water to quickly deliver delicious restaurant quality noodles in minutes.

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    What Our Customers Say

       This udon soup bundle is amazing! It brought me straight back to the streets of Tokyo! - Rai

      The quality of the udon noodles and delicious soup in this bundle is exceptional. Tastes just like in the restaurants, and my kids love it too! Only takes 12 minutes to make, which is the time to cook the udon, then just hot water for a delicious and satisfying meal for the family. Super simple! - Cath

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    Experience the authentic taste of Japan with our Restaurant quality Oigatsuo Udon Bundle.

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