NS Special Tempura Batter - Super Crispy

Nihon Shokken's Exquisite Japanese Tempura Batter Mix - Crafted for Restaurant-Grade Crispy Perfection!

Super crispy tempura batter mix meticulously designed to bring the art of Japanese tempura to your kitchen. Unveil a world of extraordinary flavours with ease.

🍤 Light & Delicate Perfection: Nihon Shokken's super crispy tempura batter mix ensures a consistently light, delicate coating for prawns, vegetables, and squid rings. It's the ultimate canvas for your culinary imagination.

👨‍🍳 Ideal for Pros: The generous 1.5kg bag is tailor-made for catering quantities and professional kitchens. Unlock the true potential of your culinary skills with a batter mix trusted by chefs worldwide.

✨ Unleash the Magic: Creating your masterpiece is as easy as it gets. Just combine 1 part of the flour mix with 1.5 parts of water to conjure up an ethereal batter that transforms your ingredients into golden, crispy perfection.

Indulge in the time-honoured tradition of Japanese tempura with Nihon Shokken's super crispy tempura batter mix!