MARUKAN Rice Vinegar 355ml

Wow, who knew there were subtle flavour differences in vinegar... This one is smooth, and the flavour has full of depth, and it isn’t crazy expensive, either. I like the Nakano vinegar, as well, but this one has the edge because of its lower price. Smooth & flavor full of depth
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Santo Esmeraldo 
✅ Verified Buyer

Why not add flavour to your salad & sauces?

Save calories while adding flavour to the food you eat

Make your meals always memorable, cook like a chef

Best for use in

✔ Salad dressing
✔ Marinades
✔ Sauces
✔ Fried rice
✔ Picked veggies
✔ Sushi