Ramen Soy Tonkotsu Mix

Imagine cold rainy days or snowy winter ones but going to a restaurant is out of the picture. The family yearns for a spicy hot dish or a healthy umami soup. How can this situation be fixed? Our Ramen Soy Tonkutsu Mix is the perfect solution to this! Each pack is filled with dried noodles that comes along with fermented soy bean paste and light soy sauce based soup.

The tonkutsu ramen has a rich, silky mouthfeel and the classic tangy saltiness of fermented soybeans while the shoyu ramen has a liquid sauce in a sachet that highlights the umami taste of the soup. Pile up a supply of this winner set in your cupboards now!

If you L♥️VE a superb instant noodle experience, you will L♥️VE Menraku Ramen Soy Tonkotsu Mix!

Menraku Tonkotsu Ramen 82.3g
Menraku Shoyu Ramen 76.7g