Nanami Togarashi 15g

Unlock a world of tantalising flavours with Nanami Togarashi - your culinary secret for an exquisite taste adventure.

Immerse your dishes in this harmonious blend of Japanese spices, meticulously curated to deliver a symphony of sensations. Crafted with precision, Nanami Togarashi combines vibrant chili pepper, citrusy orange zest, nutty sesame seeds, and an ensemble of spices to elevate your creations.

Enhance your culinary creations effortlessly - sprinkle Nanami Togarashi over sushi, sashimi, or noodle dishes for an extra kick. Elevate your grilled meats and roasted vegetables with a dash of this aromatic blend. Transform mundane soups and stews into flavor-packed masterpieces.

Unleash your inner chef and let Nanami Togarashi inspire your culinary imagination. Elevate your every dish with a pinch of Japanese magic.