Kimura Mt Fuji Grape Cider

Fuji, basking in the sun's embrace, embodies the essence of Fujinokuni's indigenous cider. Crafted from Yamanashi grape nectar. Fashioned using pristine Mannen water sourced from the foothills of majestic Mount Fuji. The term "cider" traces its origins to the French word CIDRE, denoting apple wine.

Distinguishing 'Ramune' from 'Cider'? Both effervescent elixirs, akin in spirit, like kinfolk. Ramune sealed with a marble, while cider secured under a regal crown or twist-off cap. These distinctive closures carry different monikers.

Introducing Kimura Mt. Fuji Cider Akafuji Cider! This Japanese locale's cider, hailing from Fuji no Kuni, draws inspiration from the crimson-hued dawn gracing Mount Fuji. Crafted using grape essence cultivated in Yamanashi Prefecture. Brewed with the pristine Mannen Water, sourced from the base of Mount Fuji.