Karaage Kombo

Introducing the Krunchy Karaage Kombo

Easily Master the Art of Japanese Fried Chicken with Our Krunchy Karaage Kombo!

Serves:Makes 10kg of Chicken Karaage

Craft mouth-watering, restaurant-quality Karaage in the comfort of your home with our carefully selected ingredients and special batter mix.

Max Mayo 1kg
Arabiki Goma Dressing 250ml
Karaage Special Batter Mix 2kg

Why Choose Our Krunchy Karaage Kombo?

  1. Authentic ingredients: Experience the true taste of Japanese fried chicken with our special crispy batter mix, Max Mayo, and Arabiki Goma Dressing. Our batter mix is is the perfect combination of traditional ingredients, specifically designed to create super crispy and juicy Chicken Karaage, while keeping the oil clean at the same time. Enough to make 10kg of chicken Karaage! 
  2. Easy-to-make: Create perfectly crunchy and juicy Karaage with our simple-to-use batter mix and step-by-step instructions.
  3. Perfect for any occasion: Impress your friends and family by serving up restaurant quality Karaage at dinner parties, gatherings, or as a special treat for yourself.
  4. Versatile: This special batter can be used for any protein or vegetable. Use the Max Mayo and Arabiki Goma Dressing for other dishes, enhancing the flavour and texture of your favourite meals.

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    What Our Customers Say

       The Krunchy Karaage Kombo has made it incredibly easy for me to recreate my favorite Japanese fried chicken at home. The batter mix gives the perfect crunch, and is always juicy which is the true test. The mayo and dressing are fantastic additions! - Sue

        I've always loved karaage, and this bundle had everything I needed to make it at home. The quality of the ingredients is amazing, and the results were even better than I expected. Highly recommend! - Ann

    Become a Karaage Master with Our Krunchy Karaage Kombo!

    Create delicious, juicy crispy Karaage at home with our exclusive bundle, featuring all the essentials you need to start crafting your perfect fried chicken today. Don't miss out!

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