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Soyboy Soy milk 1L

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"Soy Boy is delish! Perfect for hot chocolate and coffee. More rich and creamy than your average soy milk"


Happy Happy Soy Boy is a smooth, creamy and delicious Soy Milk you will ever taste that has been crafted to make the perfect latte but tastes great no matter how you like to use it.

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 ✅This product is made with soy beans, giving it the benefits of plant-based protein.
 ✅It is lactose free and therefore suitable for people sensitive to dairy. 
 ✅Soy can also be a healthier alternative to other types of milk, as it has less saturated  fat. 
 ✅This product is suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to its lack of animal products.
  ✅Contains healthy fats that can't be found in any other types of milk.
  ✅Is the only plant-based milk that contains DHA.
  ✅Aids in weight loss and is lactose free for people with allergies

We take only the best whole soybeans, steam them and crush them to release their natural goodness. There are no artificial flavours, colours or gums, just the a clean nutty taste that everyone loves

It comes lactrose-free, dairy free, soy beverage with a long shelf life.

Soy Boy is an excellent source of protein and iron,

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