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Blissful Bourbon Biscuit Bundle

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Few biscuits appreciate beautiful simplicity and flavor like this bundle does.

Bourbon's White Rolita sweets are delicately cream-coated pleasures from Japan's excellent biscuit line. This silky, cream layer is a melt-in-the-mouth ecstasy. Bourbon Lumonde on the other hand, is a thin crepe batter, piled on top of each other and delicately wrapped in sweetening cocoa cream. It has the sumptuous texture of crepe dough with buttery flavor spreading in your mouth in every bite.

Have Japan’s most popular crisp rolled wafer biscuits in your hands this instant. An excellent gift or as token of kind gestures to give to anyone and everyone.

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BOURBON White Rolita 4/12/98g
BOURBON Lumonde 4/12/88g