Krunchy Karaage Kombo

Love Chicken Karaage?

Satisfy your cravings with our authentic Chicken Karaage product bundle. Made with high-quality essential ingredients, our bundle includes our Karaage Special Batter Mix (enough for 10 kilos of meat), Japanese Mayonnaise, and our favourite sesame salad dressing - the three key ingredients we recommend to create a mouth-watering Chicken Karaage dish just like they serve in Japanese restaurants.

The Special Karaage Batter Mix is specially crafted using only the finest ingredients, and designed to ensure crispy and super juicy chicken, while also keeping your oil clean! The batter can also be used for any fish, meat or even vegetable you desire.

And what's Karaage without Japanese mayonnaise? Our bundle includes a large squeeze bottle of restaurant quality mayonnaise made with premium ingredients, providing a rich and creamy flavour that perfectly complements your Chicken Karaage.

But we don't stop there - our signature sesame salad dressing adds the perfect finishing touch to your meal. Made with a secret blend of savoury and sweet flavors, this dressing perfectly complements the crispy texture of your Chicken Karaage.

Experience the deliciousness of restaurant-quality Chicken Karaage in the comfort of your own home.

Order our Krunchy Karaage Kombo today and take your taste buds on a journey to Japan!

Max Mayo 1kg
Arabiki Goma Dressing 250ml
Karaage Special Batter Mix 2kg